Isle of Man a comprehensive review of the health and care system 

The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency with a population of approximately 83,000. The Island geography and distance from larger health economies England, Ireland, Wales, complicates the delivery of health and care services. A minimum journey time to ‘off island’ service providers of ~2 hours means that a wider than expected range of health and care services need to be provided ‘on island’, although the population would be insufficient to support them in more traditional models of care.

The health and care system on the island is highly acute focused, meaning that a large proportion of services, which could conceivably be provided in community settings, are delivered (at much higher cost than necessary) at the acute hospital.

PPL and partners GemServ were asked to conduct a comprehensive review of health and care on the island, building on 40+ other reviews which had been conducted of its various elements, over the course of the previous decade and provide recommendations on how the whole health and care system and its individual elements could be improved.