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Welcome to the landing page for Sonder. Here you can find some initial information about the collaboration. The site will be expanded as new content becomes available and the collaboration develops.


Transforming Organisations, Partnerships and Services (TOPS) Framework


Sonder joins the TOPS Framework.

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Isle of Man a comprehensive review of the health and care system´╗┐ ´╗┐


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Evaluating a Social Franchising approach to scaling & innovation


Cordis Bright and the Innovation Unit are working together to evaluate a social franchising approach to support the spread and scale-up of health and care interventions.

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Lessons from NHS Vanguards


SCIE invited Jane Harris, Senior Consultant at Cordis Bright, to share some of her experiences of evaluating NHS New Models of Care.

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Evaluation of the North East Urgent and Emergency Care Network Vanguard


Cordis Bright worked with PPL and COBIC to undertake an evaluation of the North East Urgent and Emergency Care Network NHS Vanguard.

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The Potential for Developing the Capacity & Diversity of Children's Social Care Services in England


LaingBuisson worked in association with Cobic and Cicada on a report considering the potential for developing the capacity and diversity of provision of children's social care services in England.

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